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At Higher Reach, we offer a wide range of digital marketing solutions tailored to all kinds of businesses.

They include local SEO, national SEO, organic SEO, social media marketing, digital marketing campaigns, conversion rate optimisation, digital advertising, web design and many more. All these services are tailored towards all our customers’ needs as per their preferences. 


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Looking for a SEO company that delivers real results?

You may already have a website, but is it receiving any visitors that are turning into customers?

If the answer is NO, your company should be ready to take the next crucial step to ensure that your business reaches a wider audience. So, how do you get to achieve this and which is the best way to meet all your business objectives?


The answer is simple, Higher Reach. 

We make it our goal to ensure that we get you a lot of traffic, which means more customers and even more sales for your Middlesbrough based company. We make sure we work with you hand in hand to help your business make a huge difference and hit every target you’ve set. That gives you a reason to not settle for less since our SEO service got you covered.



There has been a dramatic change in the digital landscape over the last few years. However, SEO has remained a significant and effective strategy. With the amount of stiff competition in Middlesbrough, it makes it hard to run a business right in the middle.

Website Optimisation

Our SEO services will help your business own a website that is smoother, faster, and user-friendly. You and your customers will love this. Although many people still believe that SEO is only about engine optimisation, there is more to it because today it's also about making your customers have a better experience when visiting your website. We help you achieve that efficiently.


Websites that are well structured and uncluttered compel your customers to want to stay longer on the site. As a result, this increases the views and visits of your page while decreasing the bounce rate.


Similarly, having content on your website that is highly relevant helps to keep your customers happy since they’re more likely to have their questions and pressing issues solved and find what they were exactly looking for in your website which will help you as it brings very noticeable results to your company. Making your customers happy also impresses the search engines, which results in your company being ranked high as they also love serving high-quality information to users.

For instance, we take two companies in Middlesbrough that sell the same products or offer the same service. One of them has a non-optimized website, while the other one has an optimised one.

Considering that every other factor is equal to both companies, from local searches, which company will attract comparably more customers? Which one of them is more likely to achieve more success and grow faster?

I think we can all agree that the company with an optimised website will see better results in every aspect. SEO and search engines are very crucial and powerful factors you shouldn’t take lightly if you want to make a huge step in your SEO Middlesbrough business. We help your company invest in a strategy that helps you put all the important factors into consideration, achieve success and be the best that customers can find out there.

More Site Traffic = More Customers

The main reason that a business has a website is to increase the number of customers a company currently has to stand out from other companies, right? SEO Middlesbrough businesses work with us to ensure they get websites that are well optimized which helps to keep more customers coming which as a result will make your business grow faster than a company that doesn’t have such a site.


Our SEO services are the most affordable and efficient you will get out there today. We ensure that your services reach the target audience, which helps to get customers who are actively looking for your services or products.


If you are dedicated to the success of your business and willing to spend a small amount of money, your energy and a few hours of your time then our SEO service will help your business get targeted traffic which will eventually bring you more customers than any other strategy or marketing tactic you have ever used.

Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is one benefit that your company will get when we help it get higher rankings on search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google. Potential customers will most probably trust your business when it appears first on the list when the name of your business appears first as they are searching for a certain product or service than other businesses that don’t seem to have a web presence that is considerably strong like yours.

That’s why if your SEO Middlesbrough business wants to build your brand awareness either internationally or locally better, should work with Higher Reach and see unbelievable results as you start ranking at the top position for key terms related with your company.

We are no longer in the 90s, not anymore. So, search engines play quite a great role in either making your brand or making it.

Return On Investment (ROI)

It is a measure of performance. It is used to measure investment efficiency or make a comparison of the efficiency observed from several investments. ROI helps to determine the returns received from a specific investment directly relative to the cost of investment.

Our SEO services provide your company with quantifiable and trackable results. It doesn’t matter if you are a non-e-commerce or e-commerce site, there are no exceptions when it comes to ROI. Here at Higher Reach, we can track all the aspects of our strategy like traffic, conversions, and rankings.

Comprehensive analytics give your SEO Middlesbrough company the ability to dig deeper and have access to demographic information and engagement metrics of people who have visited your website.

For non-e-commerce sites, we can help you increase your lead conversions by helping you use a tactic like a form to fill out that your user can fill when they want to contact you which helps you to calculate the value of your SEO Middlesbrough based company.

For e-commerce sites, we can see the paths that the users choose to take before they complete their sales and even the keywords they used when they were searching for your services or products before purchasing. Therefore, we can come up with a strategy that helps users find your website fast.

Why Work With Higher Reach?

Years of Experience

We are professionals and have been making companies across the UK achieve their goals in Newcastle and across the UK and our own company, too. To succeed in this SEO agency industry, a company needs to have passion for everything it does.

We live, breathe and love search engine optimization. We leave our offices every single day planning and thinking of how to come up with new and better ways to make our clients happier by giving them better results and also show up every day in the office excited to share with our teams the ideas we have just discovered.

If you choose our SEO services, we can promise you will learn more than you thought you will ever do about ways of marketing your company online and am sure we will be your favourite SEO Middlesbrough agency.

We Don’t Make False Promises

We always ensure that whatever we tell you we are capable of doing, we are certain we can do that for you. Our SEO services are transparent and we always make it our goal to keep our clients updated in everything we are doing be it the strategy, keyword target or test we are applying, we make sure you know first.

We Don’t Work with Everyone

What we mean by this is that we work with companies we are sure we will help online. The clients who work with us believe in the importance of collaboration. They keep us updated so we can come up with a working strategy for them to ensure we meet their requirements and help them achieve their goals.

If you are looking for the best SEO agency based in Middlesbrough, then Higher Reach is the company for you.


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About us

Higher Reach are a national SEO company in England. We specialise in helping local businesses reach their full potential through providing cost-effective and efficient online lead generation. We also provide Search Engine Optimisation for businesses whose online presence could be strengthened.

Our locally focused services allow you to boost your company's online presence specifically in your area of operation.

We can easily provide a dedicated multi-platform approach to local digital advertising and promotion. With the number of quality leads Higher Reach can generate for you, your business could go on to achieve local domination of your trade sector!

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